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Is motherhood not the "amazing" experience you were told it would be? Are you struggling with adjusting to motherhood and feeling confused or guilty about it? Motherhood can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing when you don't feel immediately bonded to your baby, having trouble managing your anxiety, or have thoughts about whether it was the right decision to have a child or not. None of those things make you a bad mother or mean that you can't or aren't bonding with your child. It can be helpful to get added support to help navigate this new role and change in your life. 


I have completed the Maternal Mental Health certificate training through 2020Mom and Postpartum Support International and have a special interest working with women who are struggling with anxiety, depression (which can include feelings of rage), OCD (which often shows up as scary thoughts that make you question if you are "crazy" or not), and birth trauma. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and EMDR, I can help you reduce or resolve your symptoms. 

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